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As a repeat user of the Services of Vickie Event Planning & Production LLC it is my pleasure to recommend the services of Victoria Mitchell and her team to successfully implement any project within her sphere of expertise, whether it be a private or public event.

Victoria’s diverse talent and knowledge coupled with her professional and accommodating style aligns with the interests and desires of her Clients.  Although she could be perceived as a “no-nonsense” individual, Victoria brings a good sense of humour and high level of energy to her assignments no matter the size or the circumstances surrounding the planning and execution of the event.

I can endorse the services of Vickie Event Planning & Production as over the last two years the company organized and delivered on a public Real Estate Forum, Jamaica Paradise, Home & Art 2016, Manhattan, NY, USA and a promotional event for Wanica Purkiss Consulting in Brooklyn, November 2017.  I have also attended wedding ceremonies in Florida, NY and Jamaica done by Vickie’s Event Planning & Production; these weddings exceeded the Client’s expectations evidenced by the expressions of gratitude and satisfaction enunciated at each event.

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"I originally thought I did not need help planner our  urban wedding  in Brooklyn, but has time was catching up to us with little accomplished, I reach out to Vickie  for help.   This was one of the best decision I could have made.  From the onset her passion for weddings, meticulous nature, organization and eye for detail was reassuring and comforting.   The wedding day was virtually stress free, she took care of each and every detail, allowing us to fully enjoy all aspect of our wedding making it a perfect day.  The decor was beyond my expectation, with her added some nice unique touches  to my surprise. She helped us stay within our budget  getting more bang for our buck yet fully delivering the urban feel we truly wanted.  Vickie listens and deliver,  we would highly recommend her to any couple planning their wedding…our wedding was a total success because of her. Thank You Vickie!!"

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